Activity Expectations Semester Plans ~5-10 min explanation of your major goals for the semester.

One or two slides or write on the board. What  you hope to accomplish and why is it significant. Elevator pitch style. ~3 min for questions.

Lit Review ~10 min presentation of a recent paper (preferred within the last 12 months or even more recent). Primary papers as opposed to reviews. Can be directly related to your project, OR can be major article from an high ranking journal that represents an advance in biochemistry. State the title, authors, their institution and why the paper is of interest to you and why you think it is significant. Choose max two-three pieces of critical data to present along with the major conclusions and if you think they are supported. DO NOT go through every figure. ~10 min for discussion/questions/clarification.

One Piece of Data ~5-10 min presentation – with slide(s) – of one piece of recent data from your project. Explain method and context. It can highlight a success or a problem. What did you learn scientifically and/or technically? Time for questions/discussion/clarification – a few minutes.

Project presentation This happens twice a semester. Plan on no more than a 20 min presentation. FOCUS ON advances since your last presentation. Do not just recycle an old presentation or cover a lot of detail on your previous work (don’t need a lot of  previous data – just status of project) – summarize where things were when you started and then focus on advances since then and realistic future directions till the next presentation. Present the big picture backgound, but background should be no more than 2-3 min. Report After

Attending a Scientific Meeting Participants pick 2 or 3 topics to summarize in max 15 min. Also provide general impression of the meeting.

IMPORTANT – ALL slide presentations should use best slide format – good titles and good labeling!!!