Lab Personnel

Personnel – Amherst

Dr. Elizabeth Vierling  – Principal Investigator  – Rm 329N LSL

Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Fricke – Rm 335N LSL
Research Fellow

Angela Blais – 340N LSL

Lab Technician

Stephanie Craig – 340N LSL

Postdoctoral Researchers – 340N LSL

Minsoo Kim – Mitochondrial mTERF protein involved in heat stress tolerance of Arabidopsis.

Damian Guerra - PhD University of California, Davis, CA.  The role of Glutathione-S-Nitroso Reductase in plant biology.

Dr. Fionn McLoughlin –  PhD The role of Heat shock protein 101 in the acquired thermotolerance of Arabidopsis thaliana

Dr. Indu Santhanagoplan  – PhD Indian Institute of Science, India. Interaction of sHSPs with substrates in vivo and in vitro using crosslinking approaches.

Post-Doctoral Candidate:

Keith Ballard – Small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) and related vertebrate α-crystallins are a ubiquitous class of ATP-independent molecular chaperones with a monomeric molecular mass of 12-42 kDa.

Thomas Sawyer 1st Year MCB Ph.D. Rotation Student Investigating and screening Glutathione-S-Nitroso Reductase mutant phenotypes in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Graduate Student

Nathen Bopp – Synechocystis Suppressor Screening and HSP100 Localization Studies


Dan Bereznyakov
– I am investigating the role translation elongation factor eEF1Bγ during heat stress in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Mary Fowler Localizing HSP101 in Arabidopsis root cells after heat stress, identifying the genes and mechanisms behind SHOT mutant’s ability to survive heat stress despite having non-functioning HSP101 proteins.

Olena Gross – S-nitrosoglutathione reductase function

Chirag Mehta – Mechanisms and functions of small heat-shock proteins (SHSPs) in synechocystis cyanobacteria.

Samuel Del’Olio