Lab Personnel

Personnel – Amherst

Dr. Elizabeth Vierling  – Principal Investigator  – Rm 329N LSL

Administrative Assistant

Rebecca Fricke – Rm 335N LSL


Postdoctoral Researchers – 340N LSL

Minsoo Kim – Mitochondrial mTERF protein involved in heat stress tolerance of Arabidopsis.

Dr. Indu Santhanagoplan  – PhD Indian Institute of Science, India. Interaction of sHSPs with substrates in vivo and in vitro using crosslinking approaches.

Patrick Treffon – I am analyzing the biochemical properties of the GSNOR protein, including protein-protein interactions and their impact on NO-dependent signalling.  The functional characterization of gsnor– knock out plants is also in focus of my research.

Doctoral Candidate:

Keith Ballard – Small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) and related vertebrate α-crystallins are a ubiquitous class of ATP-independent molecular chaperones with a monomeric molecular mass of 12-42 kDa.


Mary Fowler Localizing HSP101 in Arabidopsis root cells after heat stress, identifying the genes and mechanisms behind SHOT mutant’s ability to survive heat stress despite having non-functioning HSP101 proteins.

Ian Truebridge – How nitrosation and pH affects the activity of S-(hydroxymethyl) glutathione reductase (S-HMGSH)


Jesse Arsenault – Lab Assistant – I am studying the role of mitochondrial proteins in thermotolerance.

Thi Bui

Alyssa McQuillan – I am researching the genes and mechanisms behind SHOT mutant’s ability to survive heat stress even though they have non-functioning HSP101 proteins.

Chirag Mehta – Mechanisms and functions of small heat-shock proteins (SHSPs) in synechocystis cyanobacteria.