Interesting Links


Genomic/Proteomic Resources: TAIR – The Arabidopsis Information Resource GRAMENE Excellent comprehensive database on plant genomes GOLD- Genomes on Line Database. Maintained by the DOE-Joint Genome Institute BAR – The Bio-Array Resource for Plant Biology Maintained by the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics, this site has extensive links to all types of tools for genomics and protein analysis

Cellular Images and information: An interactive resource maintained by the American Society for Cell Biology

Search Engines for Federal Grants: Search all NIH Grants Search all NSF Grants Search all USDA – NIFA (National Institute of Food and Agriculture) grants

Information on Biotechnology Crops: ISAAA Site – International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications Center for Environmental Risk Assessment

Information on Agricultural Production:

Information on US Pesticide Use: