Lab Socials

Huiru and Liyuan show Elizabeth a good time in China.
Huiru and Liyuan










Vierling Lab Scales Mt. Skinner!
At the Bottom – picnic packed and ready to go. Elizabeth may have the heaviest pack.
hike start8-14











On our way up – steeper than Rebecca may have let on.

on the way up











Picnic Reward!

hike picnic 8-14











Paul guest of honor 8-14











picnic 8-14











picnic2 8-14










Views from the top…

Skinner porch












view from top










Going to get Ice Cream straight from the cows at Flayvors












Who’s had too much sugar?












Yichen Graduates – Goodbye and Goodluck!






Thanksgiving at Elizabeth’s House – delicious!















Huiru’s Good Bye – One Year of Work Well Done – September 2012












Strawberry Social – June 2012

Picking berries in North Hadley.



















Indu and Huiru wait for the berries to be weighed.



















Shengbao and his family picked a whole flat of berries.



















Bird enjoys a berry.



















Waiting for the strawberry shortcake.