Monthly Archive: January 2018

Congratulations to Mary! 0

Congratulations to Mary!

Mary Fowler is starting a new full time job at Manus Biosynthesis on Monday.   It is a small start up Cambridge which focuses on manipulating metabolic pathways in E. coli to produce rare...

Congratulations Dr. Keith 0

Congratulations Dr. Keith

Keith Ballard has accepted a Research Scientist position in the Expenditionary and Special Programs Division of Liberty BioSecurity, LLC. He is part of a team of multi-disceplinary scientists that use advanced molecular biology, biochemistry...

Chirag’s Good news! 0

Chirag’s Good news!

Chirag Mehta, former honors student in the Vierling Lab is going to the Robert Wood Johnson medical school starting this summer.   Congratulations Chirag!

UMass Scientists Make Bigger Tomatoes! 0

UMass Scientists Make Bigger Tomatoes!

UMass student Jarrett Man and Prof. Madelaine Bartlett are doing important work in the agricultural field. Engineering Quantitative Trait Variation for Crop Improvement by Genome Editing Daniel Rodríguez-Leal , Zachary H. Lemmon , Jarrett...