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Congratulations Salma! 0

Congratulations Salma!

Congratulations to Salma for being admited into the Interdisciplinary Molecular Biosciences Graduate Program for the Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry in the fall of 2024 at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Salma says, “This opportunity marks...

Congratulations to Elana! 0

Congratulations to Elana!

The good news from Vierling Lab alumnae continues to roll into our email inboxes. Elana Carleton committed to UMass Med for her MD/PhD! She says, “It was such a long application process and I...

New Publication in The Plant Cell 0

New Publication in The Plant Cell

Check out the latest from the Vierling Lab! Congratulations to all the authors, but especially Tianxiang, Shengbao and Elizabeth. Maternal nitric oxide homeostasis impacts female gametophyte development under optimal and stress conditions  Junzhe Wang, Xiaolong...

New Article Out in the Plant Journal! 0

New Article Out in the Plant Journal!

Structural and biochemical characterization of Arabidopsis alcohol dehydrogenases reveals distinct functional properties but similar redox sensitivity Maria Meloni, Jacopo Rossi, Silvia Fanti, Giacomo Carloni, Daniele Tedesco, Patrick Treffon, Luca Piccinini, Giuseppe Falini, Paolo Trost, Elizabeth Vierling, Francesco Licausi, Beatrice Giuntoli, Francesco Musiani, Simona Fermani, Mirko Zaffagnini DOI:

Congratulations Haofeng Lin 0

Congratulations Haofeng Lin

Haofeng received a Research Assistant Fellowship through the Honors College for 2023-24. “Research Assistant Fellowships are working fellowships that pay a stipend up to a maximum of $500 for students to work on a...

Conference Time! 0

Conference Time!

Graduated Senior, Lauren Velie, presented a poster at the Plant Biology Conference in Savanah, GA –