Lab and Growth Room Protocols

  • Clean all surfaces before you leave.
  • Bring your own cleaning supplies.  
  • Take your garbage when you go.
  • Look at the Cleaning chart and do your lab’s assigned cleaning.


See below for the general Growth Chamber Rules and Regulations:

Reservation of growth chambers: This system is especially important for the community chambers, but it should be very useful for individual labs.  If you are using community chambers please fill out the calendar ASAP with all of the information re: your experiment.  Before you log on make sure you know the chamber number – all of the chambers have been labeled on the front with the a number and a PI.

If you would like access to this reservation system please contact rfricke’a’ with your net id.

Common protocol for growth room: Common Protocol for Growth Room_Nov 18

Weekly Cleaning Responsibilities: weekly-cleaning-responsibilities-for-growth-chamber-room

Growth Chamber Label: growth-chamber-label

General Rules:

Room 220A – General Rules:

  • Every person using this room should have completed and signed the training log (red notebook).
  • The workbench will be sanitized after each use with an appropriate disinfectant (70% EtOH, 10% bleach, or Greenshield…).
  • The sink and trap will be cleaned and sanitized by individual users after each use (10% bleach). It is never acceptable to leave debris or other organic material in or around sink.
  • Each chamber should be labeled with the required information (see template).
  • All chambers should have “sticky cards” in them to monitor for insects.
  • Plant material should be disposed of in biohazardous waste bags within 220A. Bags are NOT to remain in 220A for more than one use – please autoclave immediately. 

Growth Chamber Room Lab Representatives:


Lab Representative Email
Vierling Patrick Treffon



Wang Christina Stonoha



Ma Greg DeIulio


Sherine Perera

Tyler Kirk Mackinnon



Caicedo Sherin Perera


Jacob Scott

Normanly n/a  
Hazen Josh Coomey



De Angelis Grace Pold



Parkash Hesham Abdullah


Ahmed Meselhy


Responsibilities of Representatives:

  • Keep up-to-date training records
  • Attend monthly meetings
  • Relaying info about growth chamber room to the rest of your lab