Sen. Will Brownsberger Hosts GMO Forum

Professor Vierling participated in a forum sponsored by Senator Will Brownsberger ( D, Belmont) in order to provide the public with more information.  Check out his blog posting for a complete statement by the Senator as well as the illuminating public comments that follow.

“Most of my colleagues in the legislature have endorsed a pending bill that would require labeling of foods produced from genetically modified farm crops. A group of legislators held a public forum on GMO labeling in Watertown last night…I’ve been a skeptic of the bill. The choice we are being asked to make as legislators is whether to create a new food labeling system in Massachusetts that would apply to products most of which are made elsewhere in the United States. The threshold question we have to ask is: Can we successfully force that on the rest of the country?”

Click here for Sen. Brownsberger’s site.


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