President’s Science and Technology Initiatives Fund

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·         Faculty members from geosciences, biochemistry and chemical engineering are among the recipients of $856,000 in grants from the President’s Science and Technology Initiatives Fund, which supports promising research projects. Robert DeConto and Raymond Bradley of the geosciences department were awarded $104,000 for the Center for Computational Climatology and Paleoclimatology. An award of $150,000 is going to Mass. BioFoundry: Center for Discovery and Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules. Led by Elizabeth Vierling, biochemistry and molecular biology, and Susan Roberts, chemical engineering, the initiative establishes a “biofoundry” with the goal of discovering valuable molecules from unique plant and microbial species and developing processes, either biological or chemical, by which they can be produced in quantities sufficient for medical or industrial applications. (Business West, 7/16/14)

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