Congratulations Haofeng Lin

Haofeng received a Research Assistant Fellowship through the Honors College for 2023-24.

“Research Assistant Fellowships are working fellowships that pay a stipend up to a maximum of $500 for students to work on a faculty member’s research project or on their own project under the close guidance of a faculty member. The program is designed to provide supplemental financial assistance, to give students an opportunity to gain experience in their academic field, and to help prepare them to undertake their own future research projects”

Haofeng is working on the two classes of cytosolic small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) (Class I and II).  He is working on two projects and his goals for both are to perform phenotypic analysis in order to know the impact of heat shock protein on plants. For CI I hope I can accomplish 6 mutant line and for CII I can perform at one set of phenotypic analysis. 

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